A somewhat radical idea for your fodder: trade Ray Allen

by Brandon Simes
Managing Editor
Friday Jan 22, 2010

With the Celtics struggling of late, rumors have begun to swirl. There have been reports of talks for Nate Robinson (ew) and Andres Nocioni (no thanks), and other far-fetched and unlikely ideas will continue to surface until the trade deadline passes. But, rather than think of something significant and real, I’d like to stoke those hot stove fires and add my own controversial proposal to the list.

Let’s trade Ray Allen.

Calm down, calm down. I don’t want to do it just for the sake of making a trade. I want to trade Ray Allen while he still has value, in order to better the team in the long run (and potentially the short run too). Here’s my idea: Ray Allen to the Sacramento Kings for Kevin Martin and the contract of either Beno Udrih, Nocioni, or Francisco Garcia (that’s the price you pay for acquiring a top talent).

First, the obvious part: why?

For Boston, the deal turns back the clock on a window of opportunity edging close to its sill. Allen is 34, will need a new contract after the season, and has dropped off significantly this year (his PER of 14.47 is not only far below his 17.34 mark from last season, it’s below league average). Adding Martin at the 2 for the remainder of this season and for the next three would give Boston a solid "Young Three" of Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins, and Martin to build around as Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett fade away. The deal would be a no-brainer for Boston. Really, as much as trading Allen would hurt, you’d have to do it.

For Sacramento, it’s more complicated. First of all, they would have to determine that cap space is the route they want to take. By my count, any one of these deals would give the Kings Tyreke Evans, a bunch of quality role players, and space for a max contract this offseason. Whether or not Sacramento could lure a top free agent remains up in the air, and is probably the most important decision the Kings would need to make before signing off on any sort of a trade similar to my suggestions. I’m not sure what the answer should be, and I would lean toward no on their part, but should they determine that a major free agent would like to head to California’s capital, the move becomes much more attractive.

Allen would help show Evans how to calm his game and how to become a shooter. He would provide nothing but positive professionalism, and should the Kings wish to flip Allen or take part in a sign-and-trade in the summer, they would have options. Even if they were to buy Allen out, they could save some cash, something the Maloofs would like.

What’s the real reason the Kings should consider the move? Their future lies with Evans, and he and Martin play the same position. Evans is playing a dose of point this season, but that’s not his natural position, and it’s only a matter of time before he slides to the 2. If the Kings would like to accelerate that transition, I hope the Celtics let them know a deal could be made.


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