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Foul balls over bullets

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Wednesday Jul 15, 2015

What happened to the woman who was hit with the errant bat at Fenway Park last month was frightening and horrible. The same for the woman who was hit with a foul ball during a Sox game last week. Both incidents call attention to park safety and raise awareness about the risks fans agree to when attending a game. You can read all about the fans' injuries, personal stories, recoveries and the response from Major League Baseball and the Red Sox in multiple stories in the Boston Globe.

What you won't find in The Boston Globe is much about the three men who were shot in Dorchester over this past weekend. One of the men, Jean Louis, 20, died.

The incidents happened on July 11 and 12. The Boston Globe didn't report on the violence until July 14.

The disparity in coverage between "rare incident" victims and urban violence victims is not an isolated incident.

Think back to the coverage of the security for Boston's July Fourth celebrations. You'd think the holiday was violence free.

Every big city cop will tell you July 4th sees a spike in crime. This past holiday was no different.

Here's a quick look from www.universalhub.com

7/6/15 - 10:40 pm
Person stabbed on MBTA bus in Mattapan
Blue Hill Ave. and Walk Hill St.

7/6/15 - 9:45 pm
Shots fired in Roxbury
15 St. Richard St.

7/6/15 - 3:30 am
Man shot in South Boston armed robbery
100 Msgr. William O'Callaghan Way
South Boston

7/4/15 - 10:45 pm
Another double shooting, another man dead
12 Holborn St.

7/4/15 - 6:15 pm
Car hit by gunfire in Roxbury
124 Eustis St.

7/4/15 - 2:30 am
Woman knocked down by man who tried to drag her behind a building on Mission Hill
Assault and battery
Huntington Ave. and Colburn St.
Mission Hill

7/2/15 - 11:00 pm
Two shot in Roxbury; one dies
21 Greenville St.

These crimes are news to you if you read the The Boston Globe. Does it change your view on how safe the July Fourth holiday really was? Does it make you wonder what these victims' lives were like? How theu are recovering? How their families are coping?

I'll let you draw your own conclusions as to why baseball park fan injuries get front page treatment and multiple articles while the injuries and deaths of Boston's crime get barely a mention.

I'll also leave it to you to tell the folks at that every life matters-not just the lives of Red Sox ticket holders-and that they and we deserve to know about the crime that happens in our city.

PS - We should be grateful for the work Adam Gaffin is doing at .