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Snow Updates, Monday, Feb 2, 2015

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Monday Feb 2, 2015

Snow Dos & Don'ts here .

City of Boston Snow Center

Boston Public Schools

Remember, the South End does not allow space savers.

Walsh launches Boston Snow Stats

Mayor Martin J. Walsh today joined the Department of Innovation and Technology, the Public Works Department, and the Office of New Urban Mechanics in announcing "Boston Snow Stats," an online platform for Boston residents to access snow operation information, at any time. Snow Stats is available at: Snowstats.boston.gov

"From day one, I've expressed a deep commitment to transparency, and Snow Stats brings the people of Boston closer to municipal government," said Mayor Walsh. "With this tool residents will now be directly connected to the snow and ice removal process in their neighborhoods. Thanks to the creative work of the Department of Innovation and Technology, and the Office of New Urban Mechanics, the public now has an inside look at the Department of Public Works, who are working round-the-clock to make roads safe and accessible across Boston."

At Snowstats.Boston.gov, residents can monitor Boston's snow operations including an overview of the season showing the total miles and hours plowed, salt used, and total snowfall. The platform also shows what phase the snow operation is in, and what tasks are being completed in each snow response phase.

Residents can also enter their residential address to get details about the percentage of streets plowed and the miles plowed in their neighborhood. The platform also shows the number of snow plows on duty, and the amount of time they have been on duty.

Snow Stats is a part of a larger citywide strategy, such as Citizens Connect, to engage the community in the City of Boston's daily operations, and use the City's real-time data to drive decision making.

The Snow of Feb. 2, 2015

Walking carefully

South Enders undeterred, but smart.

Buried In

Remember, the South End is a space saver free zone.

Making due

A kitty's got to do what a kitty's got to do.