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Warren for AG

by Julie Walker
Wednesday Aug 13, 2014

Americans, especially children, should not be dying as a result of gun violence. Estimates show a staggering 7,500 children are hospitalized each year due to gunfire. It is time to take a stand and support someone who is willing to save our children. Warren Tolman, candidate for Massachusetts Attorney General, is ready to pioneer this movement by introducing smart gun technology. Smart gun technology was developed right here in Massachusetts fourteen years ago as a common-sense safety device. The technology includes fingerprint trigger locks and prevents anyone other than a gun's owner from pulling the trigger. Simply put, smart gun technology can and will cut down on gun violence in our communities and save lives. 

Unfortunately, the NRA has strongly opposed its implementation. Warren Tolman is the only candidate in this race who will mandate smart gun technology on new guns sold in the Commonwealth. If elected Attorney General, Warren Tolman will take on the NRA because he knows, like we know, that it is unacceptable to wait any longer to take steps to prevent gun violence.

Warren knows from experience how to take on the NRA and win. Warren has already taken steps in preventing gun violence by sponsoring the 1998 Assault Weapons Ban. If this extremely important technology is introduced in the Commonwealth, it is likely that it will spread across the country making our entire nation a safer place. Help us cut down on gun violence and save lives, vote for Warren Tolman September 9th!

Zachary M. Robbins, South End