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Where is Mayor Wu on the plan supported by 99,000 voters?

by Bostonians for an Elected School Committee
Thursday Apr 21, 2022

Bostonians for an Elected School Committee on April 11, 2022, called on Mayor Michelle Wu to join in restoring democratic control and accountability to the Boston Public Schools.

We are a coalition of organizations from across the city. Our November 2021 ballot question for an elected School Committee won 99,000+ votes, more than any elected leader in the city—including Mayor Wu. The ballot question won in every single precinct in every single ward, the first in history to do so!

Since the election, we have repeatedly requested to meet with Mayor Wu to discuss her position. She has yet to respond.

April 11th's city council hearing marked a critical moment in the effort to move forward with delivering on the mandate expressed by Boston voters for an elected school committee. The petition filed by District 5 Councilor Ricardo Arroyo and Councilor-at-large Julia Mejia must be supported by the Council and the Mayor.

Mayor Wu has taken a very public position in opposition to receivership, arguing that democracy and local control must rule. That same argument must hold to abide by the wishes of the voters in Boston. A hybrid model would only water down the power of the voters. We should have the right to elect our own decision makers to our School Committee—just like every other municipality in MA. By her lack of transparency and refusal to engage on this issue that so many residents support, she is proving the importance of a fully elected, fully accountable School Committee.

Past mayors have hidden behind their appointees, pulling the strings on key school decisions affecting thousands of students but avoiding responsibility. Mayor Wu ran on a platform of social justice and change and held herself up as a champion of democracy. On this critical issue, which directly affects 50,000 children and their families and indirectly affects every resident of the city, Mayor Wu is not walking the walk.

Both the Council and the Mayor must approve the home rule petition before it can go to the legislature. We call on Mayor Wu not to stand in the way of the 99,000 voters who want real accountability from their School Committee.

More information at www.electthebsc.org