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Bring Back the Funding for Blackstone School

Thursday Jan 31, 2019

Posted by Laura Perille, Nate Kuder, Jamel Adkins-Sharif, Michael Loconto

With the new proposed budget for School Year 2019-2020 the Blackstone will be facing yet another big budget gap. If this projected budget is approved it will take away approx. 500,000 from the existing budget, as the school transitions from 'Innovation status to 'Schedule A'.

The following positions will potentially be cut:
1. 1 Multiple Disability teacher
2. School Counselor
3. 2-3 Inclusion Strand Coordinators
4.1 Family and Community outreach coordinator
5. 2 Community field coordinators

The District's funding formula does not take into account the complex needs at the Blackstone School. Over 90% of the Blackstone's students are designated as "High need" by the district. In addition, the Blackstone has been out of compliance for our English Language Learners (ELLs) for years. The plan for FY20 finally provides adequate funding for ELLs, but at the expense of Special Education (SPED) students.

We should not have to choose between our ELLs and our SPED students. Both programs must be fully resourced. Schools must not be put in the position to make deep cuts that affects multiple high needs strands disproportionately. This is not the choice in our suburban counterparts, this should not be a choice in the city of Boston.

Sign the petition at change.org, search Blackstone School