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Spring at Ringgold

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Thursday Apr 13, 2017

Ringgold Park plans to welcome the new season with a series of fun-filled events. Please mark your calendars.

Sunday, April 16: Our annual Egg Hunt kicks off at 10am. Let your kids search for candy-stuffed eggs and shake hands with a big bunny!

Saturday, May 6: Boston Shines Clean-up. The city provides the mulch, FORP provides the tools, and neighbors band together to beautify the park.

Saturday, June 17: FĂȘte de la Musique and South End Garden Tour. We're honored to serve as a stop for both this year. More details to come...

If you'd like to join the Friends of Ringgold Park or renew your membership for 2017, please visit and make a donation of any amount. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving this beautiful neighborhood resource.

We'd also like to remind park users of a few rules of etiquette:

  • Please do not feed the birds; this attracts vermin.
  • Please keep dogs out of the play areas and flower beds.
  • Please discourage your children from using chalk on the granite benches in the center fountain circle and on the wood-and-metal ones around the periphery of the park.
  • Please deposit trash in the bins provided. If they're full, please report it to the City of Boston via 311 and take your trash elsewhere.
  • If you'd like to host a birthday party at Ringgold, please plan to carry all trash away with you and consider making a donation to support this public space.

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