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Space Savers are Not Allowed in the South End

by Sue O'Connell
Thursday Feb 16, 2017

Photos from Facebook South End Community Page
Photos from Facebook South End Community Page  

72 complaints filed with BOS311

Since 2015, space savers during snow storms have been banned in the South End.

In other Boston neighborhoods, residents are allowed space savers, items placed in shoveled out public parking statements to indicate that the space is "saved", for the first 48 hours after a snow emergency.

The elimination of the space saver tradition was presented to city officials by the South End Forum, representing all 15 of the South End's community groups.

In the past, the South End Forum also set up a fund to help people who's cars were damaged after removing a space saver.

So what to do with your car? Visit for information.

So what do if you have a non-emergency complaint or question? Dial 311.
So what do you do with the snow? Be a good neighbor. Shovel more than your space if you can. Check on your infirm, elderly, and single parent neighbors. And everyone else.

And as the City of Boston winter web site says, be "prepared for this winter. Because, in Boston, winter is always coming."

Photos from Facebook South End Community Page


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