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UPDATED: "No Space-Saver Policy" Will Be Enforced

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Wednesday Jan 28, 2015

 UPDATED: "No Space-Saver Policy" Will Be Enforced

***UPDATED***Mayor Walsh confirms space-savers will be removed.

On Tuesday, Mayor Marty Walsh answered a question about space-savers (items left in shoveled parking space to note 'ownership') "If you spend 10 hours shoveling out a space, it's your space for a couple of days."

However, the South End Forum, a group calling themselves a "Common Voice of South End Neighborhood and Business Associations", had distributed posters via organization emails and hung signs stating that "The South End Is 100% Space-Saver Free Zone."

The signs urge residents to call the city to have space-savers removed-or remove the items themselves. Posters indicating that the South End doesn't "do dibs" can be left in place of the items.

Mayor Marty Walsh indicated on Wednesday that the city will enforce the No Space-Saver rule in the South End.

Editor's Note.
Help your neighbors. Organize a hot toddy shoveling party and remove all the snow on your block. Call the city and ask for a snow removal truck to pile the snow on to.