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New Street Sweeping Regulations are good for the South End

Thursday Mar 1, 2012

The South End Public Works Forum would like to thank the Mayor and the Public Works Department for the new street sweeping regulations in the South End.  The City responded to the request of South End residents to have the street cleaning start in March and stop at the end of December.  


Because in the late fall, the leaves are still falling from the trees until the end of December.  When the street cleaning stopped at the end of November, the gutters filled with leaves, creating both a mess and a hazard over winter.   And, along with the leaves, trash stayed and built up in the gutters and over the street drains from December until April when street cleaning started again.  Clogged drains prevented melting snow from running off the streets.  For residents, the addition of March and December 2012 street sweeping means that you must move your car four additional times over the old schedule.   In our view, this small inconvenience for having clean streets for everyone lives and works in the South End.
City residents can register for street sweeping schedule electronic notifications and reminders by accessing the NO-TOW LINK at the City of Boston web site:  www.cityofboston.gov.  NO-TOW cancellation notifications are typically sent by 4:00PM the day PRIOR to posted sweeping days.  There is no street sweeping if there is snow accumulated in the gutter areas, and street sweeping is cancelled with heavy rains.
South End Public Works Forum


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