Safety Alert from Connie Packard, Director of BMC Public Safety

Wednesday Feb 6, 2013

I'm writing to inform you about criminal activity that recently occurred in our South End neighborhood. Wednesday night, January 31, the Boston Police responded to two incidents: an attempted robbery at Harrison Avenue and E Concord Street, and an unarmed robbery that occurred at Washington and East Concord Streets. Both victims were Boston Medical Center employees and the crimes involved cell phones. Boston Police is continuing with their investigation on each of these cases. While these incidents are very disturbing, I can report that no injuries were sustained by either of the victims.

This type of criminal activity has been on the rise in and around the Boston area and MBTA stations. Boston Police and the MBTA police have reported an increase in thefts of iPhones, iPads and other electronic devices.

Each one of us can improve our community's welfare by reporting crime and unsafe conditions. Remember, you are part of the Public Safety mission, and you can best assist us by being our extra eyes and ears. If you see something, say something.

Please take a moment and remember that, although your chances of being the victim of a crime are small, your personal commitment to your own safety is crucial. Therefore, I would like to offer you these few simple safety reminders:

Always be aware of your surroundings, whether on or off campus. If you see something suspicious, say something by reporting it immediately to the police.

Report suspicious persons and activity immediately by calling 9-1-1 or the Boston University Medical Campus Public Safety Department at 617.414.4444. Take a minute and program this number into your cell phone.

Walk with others whenever possible, especially at night.

Do not use smart phones or any electronic devices, including ear buds or headphones, while walking on the street, especially at night.

Safeguard your valuables by keeping them out of sight.

If you have any questions or concerns about your personal safety here at Boston University Medical Campus or Boston Medical Center and would like to speak to me, please contact me or 638-4935.


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