Robbery victim strikes back with clever maneuver

by Brandon Simes
Managing Editor
Monday Jul 20, 2009

Two Boston men, Paul Leshore, 47, and Franco Simmons, 26, have been arrested for their alleged participation in a robbery attempt gone awry on Sunday, July 19.

Shortly after 8:00 a.m. officers exiting the District 4 police station on the corner of Plympton Street and Harrison Avenue were alerted of a crime in the works by a clever victim. The officers leaving the station saw a vehicle turn onto Plympton Street, going the wrong way (Plympton is a one-way street that flows into Harrison), continuously blowing its horn.

When the officers moved toward the vehicle to investigate the matter they observed a man jump from its sliding door while still in motion. The man, who fell to the ground, quickly jumped to his feet and attempted to walk away. Police stopped the man and the vehicle and interviewed all parties.

The driver, a male, informed the officers that he had been robbed at knife point by the two men in his vehicle. He said he picked them up in the area of Albany Street when the backseat passenger held a knife to his throat and told him, "Get your money." The victim then handed over sixty dollars and observed the suspect place it in his pocket. The clever victim then noticed the police station and attempted to get help by leaning into his horn and driving the wrong way.

Officers found the victim’s money and a knife in Leshore’s pocket, and the victim identified the knife as the one held against his throat.

Leshore was charged with Armed Robbery and Assault & Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (knife) and Simmons was arrested on a charge of Armed Robbery.


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