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Eyes Wide Open

by Jeanine E. Browne
Thursday Feb 24, 2022

I came to class,
My eyelids closed.

I read some books
And got exposed.

To issues such a race and hate,
That never thought about of late.

The more I read
And came to class,

The Truth resounded
Clear as glass.

Of lies and hatred, never knew,
But found out slowly
What was true.

Members of a race so white
Oppressing all within its sight.

To keep the lies and hatred 'live,
Maintain their power to deprive

All others who were not like them,
Deny them life
Because of skin.

Each week the class revealed some more,
That I, no longer could ignore.

My eyes saw truly,
As they knew,

The wrath of white man's
Daily due.

My eyes, they opened
up real wide.
No way to close them.
Turn the tide.

They stay wide open all the time
They see the Truth,
They see the crime.
They won't forget what they have seen,

My self-awareness
Oh, so keen
We seek to change the old world view,
And see all people as anew.

I came to class,
My eyelids broken.

I leave the class.
My eyes wide open!!!